Rosmarinus officinalis 

The students of ancient Greece wore sprigs in their hair to improve their memory while they studied for exams. Modern Greek students burn it to inhale the incense for the same purpose. It is thought to stimulate the circulation to the brain thereby to enhance memory and the ability to concentrate. It is a symbol of fidelity between lovers. For centuries, it has been used in bridal bouquets to make the statement that the bride will never forget the family she is leaving. It has been buried with the deceased and used in funeral bouquets to signify that members of his or her family will never forget the deceased member. The oil of the flowering spikes is antifungal and antibiotic. The leaves contain COX-2 inhibitors that inhibit tumor growth and have anti-HIV activity. Rosemary aids in the digestion of fats. Possible improvement in memory may be related to improving circulation to the brain. Rosemary, used in food flavoring, is also important to the perfume industry.